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Defining Nationhood is an interactive web documentary by Marko Peck

The project seeks to share the perspectives of people who are in-between cultures and the borderlands that they live in. These are people who have had to question where they come from, often challenging common assumptions about the role of nations and their borders in how we construct our identities.

Marko grew up in several places, speaking two languages, observing traditions of two religions and receiving an international education. He has lived long-term in three countries and nomadically across more than one hundred. He does not entirely belong to any group and is an outsider to some degree no matter where he goes. This is at the core of his perspective.

As a result, he has always related strongly to other multi-nationals, migrants, nomads and people of other mixed origins. Together they form a group of their own, always comparing one culture to another, questioning their membership and considering its meaning. With Defining Nationhood, he brings this process into the spotlight.

This work is something between the realms of journalism and documentary. Unlike traditional journalism, it is not about objectivity: subjects have not been selected with the intention that they be representative of whatever region, conflict, etc. they speak about.

Likewise, the work is not purely documentary because it lacks the strict direction and hierarchy of that medium. Subjects have primarily been selected on the basis of their willingness to talk openly about what often constitutes some their most personal thoughts and feelings. Interviews and all other material has been personally collected by Marko.

The project began in its current form in mid 2017 as a part of Marko’s M.A. research at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design St. Joost in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and has been expanding ever since. If you would like to get in touch in regard to the project, email contact@nationhood.world