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Interviewer: Would you marry someone of a different religion and why?

Ajna: Correct. Right. Okay. Maybe start by saying that I'm a born and bred Bosnian, a Bosniak, a Muslim. Whilst I would not have a problem or whilst I have not had a problem being in a relationship and now talking strictly sexual between men and women, so no friends. Friends I don't mind obviously, but I would never get involved romantically with somebody from Bosnia who's not Muslim.

I would not have the same issue with anybody from any other continent, any other religion, any other skin color, whatever, it doesn't matter. As long he's not a Serb or Croat from Bosnia, I think that's an issue. Otherwise, everybody's fine. This sounds so bad, I know, but it's the truth. Yeah, okay. All right. Was there any other question? I thought this sounded a bit better earlier, but though it's a bit fine.

Interviewer: No. That's an insight that I have yet to hear from someone. You brought it up and it's important.

Ajna: No. Obviously, I have friends who are not Muslim. We just function, live, work, go out, drink, eat and visit each other completely normally. As I said, I've got brother-in-law who's a complete mix and they have a daughter. Everybody's open-minded. You do whatever you want as long as we're all happy and healthy and we all get on. He's not a problem that he isn't pure Muslim. I don't have a problem with him. I love him, but I personally would not do it. I think it's complicated enough. Relationships and marriages are complicated enough. If you then put a bloody history, you come to a point when you remember what he did five years ago and you start blaming, "You said this, you said this, and you said this." Then you turn to the other side and say, "Your people did this to my people." I think that's happening a lot. People maybe cover it, cover it up. I don't think there are many interfaith marriages anymore. I don't think so.

I'm 36. All of them have broken down. All my friends who got involved with somebody else, it's all broken down because the families couldn't handle it. Then on the other hand, Bosnian people who got married with foreigners of any color, any heritage no issues at all. Any other religion fine as long as they're not from Bosnia. Here you go. Yeah.