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Ibrahim: I am Bosnian and Norwegian, born from Bosnian parents, but I also identify as Norwegian of course, Muslim background. So in Norway for instance, people seem like they're very Western open person. When they talk to me, and then they find out I am a Muslim, they completely stop and you see this switch. They put me in another box. There is this moment where all of this prejudice change, because always when you meet people you have prejudices against them, you put them in a safe place in your brain, you sort them out.

I am put usually as a Western artist, very experimental, very contemporary stuff and when they find out I have Muslim background, there is this moment of switching. It's very strange and it's very annoying. I hate this moment it's so obvious when you get it so many times it gets so obvious, that moment. Also, they say always, "You are half this and half that," no, "I am 100% this and I'm 100% that," you can't be half anything, you are either or you're not, that's the thing. I don't focus on nationality that much it's like I am who I am; I have the Norwegian and the Bosnian citizenships. It's just papers, it's has nothing to do with my personality. With the Norwegian papers, I can go to NATO countries more easily and I can travel through Europe, European Union without many problems. With my Bosnian passport, I can go to Turkey without paying Visa and I can get easier access to for instance Russia. For traveling it's more convenient, to have both so you can change what is more accepted in the country, which is stupid that you have to do it but when it is like that, why not just use it.

I don't know, I think it's all fake, it's all made up because we are the only species who have set borders and if you cross that border, you are in the land of another people. I know some animals have these territories but it is also different because territories move like the human territories move of course with wars and stuff but I think it's all made up because we are all people, and people are people. I don't think the nationality should connect people more than common interests, common view of the world and those kinds of things.

Marko: Two questions: how do you see the future developing as far as things in Bosnia and the Balkans in general. I guess the second question is, for you personally how do you see yourself developing, do you think you'll live here?

Ibrahim: I am not very up to date with politics in the Balkans but I know that people are not very happy with the way things are ruled here. I think it will go for the better; it will just have to take some time because when war leaves a wound and of course, it will scar. If it will be a healthy scar I don't know, I think so because people are really good here I think in Bosnia good kind of... For my life further on, that's part of the reason why I'm in Bosnia right now, because I want to establish creative artist career here as well. As an actor and artist, and creator of theater, I am very free to work wherever I want as long there is money. Of, course because you've to live. You've to eat. I hope that I can do one project Norway, one project in Bosnia. I can be based in both countries. Travel back and forth.